Wikimedia ZA

Design Indaba Outreach


As the local South African Wikimedia chapter we try to encourage people to contribute content to Wikipedia. We also understand that at times it might seem a daunting as well as time consuming task.

Knowing that many alumni are notable and belong in Wikipedia, we’d like to offer our support to the Design Indaba to help create articles. Also to offer email support once questions arise.


What then?

We’ll review your feedback and will be in touch via email. Within days for smaller questions. We'll try and review full biographies within two weeks.

The result of our combined efforts is a shiny new article. Yay!


An essential part of this outreach is helping you to determine notability, which is described in the General Notability Guideline for the English Wikipedia. In a nutshell: you need to be covered in at least two independent reliable publications - not just mentioned. These publications cannot be related to you or your group. We encourage you to assess current notability on your own. In doubt, please contact us through

Another aspect of this effort is to avoid you having to create an article for yourself, which goes against Wikipedia's guidelines.

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